Visa Premium Credit Cards and Lady Antebellum – A Marketing Win

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The financial services space is cluttered enough, let alone when promoting flavour-of-the-week offerings from premium credit cards (which you’ve likely CASL opted out of already). American Express has been cited as a best-in-class case study for their ability to marketing to the luxury segment by pioneering concierge offerings, Front of the Line entertainment, blogger sponsorships, and prestige in the form of plastic. Now heading in the other direction, it is trying more “local” offerings and programs (like one I have that involves picking 5 favourite vendors where I can gain extra points from purchases, yet I never remember the vendors).


I digress.


The point of this post is to recap an interesting offer from Visa Avion cards that put me up close and personal with one of my all-time favourite bands, Lady Antebellum. As a huge fan of country music, the opportunity to see a killer act like Lady A is at the top of my “happy” list. But, with a slight case of agoraphobia, if you will, I can’t stand the thought of going to big arenas or stadiums for concerts to drown in a sea of sweaty bodies. Instead, I appreciate music off my iTunes purchases or Songza streams in the comfort of my living room. Lady A is a huge act, and they are not likely to be booked at the Bluebird (Nashville reference, anyone?).


When I received a chance email message from Visa announcing their Infinite Experiences presentation of Lady A in an intimate setting, I obviously was intrigued enough to pay the “luxury” tickets for my sister and I to go see them in a non-stadium setting. I was concerned that it would still be a hot, sweaty mess – but the experience ended up being pretty well executed from an event management standpoint.


One of the worst things is to pay a premium price for something you love, only to be disappointed. But Visa handled this extremely well by efficiently managing a photo op with Lady A and Avion concertgoers, and then informing patrons that the show was open bar. In this case, not only am I seeing a favourite band and hearing their talented music live (win), but I am now getting to shake the hands of Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley, and Dave Haywood (triple win). The free house wine was not really a win for me, but being able to execute this luxury experience is so critical to demonstrating the value of these premium credit cards to their subscribers.


It isn’t just about the emotional connection or unique access that these premium credit cards provide the purchaser; it’s about facilitating it in a way that sustains happiness (rather than causing irritation or frustration). There’s nothing worse than having things fall apart at execution, because that can wreck even the most clever, thoughtful, relevant marketing campaign.


Another shout-out worth mentioning is Visa crushing it with an extensive array of video marketing content. I’m a  fan of all their NHL videos for payWave that were just so entertaining to laugh at – again, successfully capturing the spirit of brotherly love and pranking among hockey players. Sure, it’s ridiculous to see Columbus Blue Jackets Ryan Johansen and Nick Foligno “checking out” vegetables at a payWave kiosk on the ice, but watching them chirp each other and shoot said vegetables in to a net…now that’s…wait, need a different tagline…entertainment!


Lady Antebellum Visa Infinite concert series with premium credit card Visa Avion

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