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Effective & Authentic Marketing

We help solve problems and share stories to drive business results. It’s as simple as that.

Retainer and campaign-based services that work across time zones and regions without traditional agency overhead. Explore our marketing strategy, content creation, and digital delights – or ask for a custom quote.

Full Stack Outsourced Marketing

Looking to hand off your marketing to top-notch talent or add strategic seniority to work with your in-house team? We can roll with it or help you get going.

  • Marketing strategy and planning across tactics including website, content and blogging, social media, email marketing, SEM, analytics etc.
  • End-to-end implementation leveraging our network of top talent and trusted partners
  • Professional, creative social media management across a variety of channels backed by our Hootsuite agency partner status
  • Reporting and check-ins
  • From 40 hours a month

Content & Social Media Pinch Hitter

Need to fill a skill gap or campaign-specific need? Call us your pinch hitters.

  • Evaluate, organize, and execute communications to drive value and branding
  • Ghostwriting and SEO
  • Professional, creative social media management across a variety of channels backed by our Hootsuite agency partner status
  • Reporting and check-ins
  • From 20 hours a month

Baby Size Social Media

Need a specialist’s hand with social? Restricted by a smaller budget or have more relaxed timelines?

  • Professional, creative social media management across a variety of channels backed by our Hootsuite agency partner status
  • Reporting and check-ins
  • Reduced pricing: this option is a teaching opportunity for up-and-coming talent being groomed by Maya Chendke. Paired with experienced oversight to help grow strategic opportunities, Babies are loved and nurtured every step of the way.
  • 10 hours a month. Please note we only take 3 Babies at a time.

We love to work with


We have B2B & B2C industry experience in automotive, pharma/healthcare, financial services, manufacturing/industrial, tech, beauty & luxury goods, equine.


Athletes, healthcare practitioners, creatives

Initiatives and Charities

Campaigns, causes, fundraisers, movements. We have brought our heart and soul to awareness and charitable projects.

Unsure of where to start? Book a Coffee Chat consultation to discuss your marketing and social media needs.

Sweet Words

  • “I had the pleasure of working with Maya on the Give a Latte Campaign in support of Autism Ontario. Maya spearheaded this extremely successful crowd-funding campaign utilizing her extensive strategic marketing skills and her social media prowess. Thanks to Maya’s project management skills, this campaign more than tripled its initial goal and will make a difference in the lives of adults living on the autism spectrum. I would highly recommend Maya for all things digital marketing!”

    STEPHANIE Marketing Coordinator @ Habitat for Humanity
  • “Passion, creativity, care, and genuine excitement for her work are all ways I would describe the experience of working with Maya. She has demonstrated a genuine interest for our business. A prime example of this is her leadership in creating an "Inspiration Folder" for us to brainstorm ideas and keep up with industry trends. Dedicated to excellence, Maya has always fostered an open and honest dialogue and provided well thought out advice to help us reach our goals. Always thinking outside the box, Maya's creative ideas and approach are refreshing.”

    JEFF Vice President @ Lorpon Labels Inc.
  • “Major projects like websites and communications changes require a lot of patience and persistence. Maya was a great asset to me during a major website redesign and re-branding (and all that entails); her dedication to capturing detail and building working relationships was what moved project status. She genuinely cares to make a difference and work collaboratively, and all her advice and feedback is transparent and thoughtful.”

    SAM Vice President @ Jonas Software
  • “Maya is a natural when it comes to providing her clients with valuable content that is tailored to their brand and crafted to provide the greatest results. Her attention to detail, poised personality and clear communication style makes her a true pleasure to work with. ”

    TANIA Marketing & Communications Manager @ Venus Concept
  • Maya is someone I trust as a solid advisor to my business line. She always had my back and is solutions-focused to swiftly “get it done.” Her quick thinking and determination helped us achieve great change and her creativity raises the bar. I could hand off projects to her with full confidence she would take them across the finish line, and know she is advising me on the best approach along the way.

    ASHLEY Manager @ Jonas Software

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