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Google superstars talk about mobile behaviour as the root to winning over technology, with a great example from Macy’s.


One of my favourite things in the world is to attend seminars and events and take copious amounts of notes. Often colour coded, these notes are likely housed in one of the dozens upon dozens of notebooks that lay strewn about my space (or in my Evernote with my delightful Penultimate app).
I was very fortunate to be able to attend Advertising Week (AWXI) in New York this past fall. As the leaves changed colour in Bryant Park, so did the flurry of notes from each session I attended. Here is are some of my favourite nuggets of knowledge and quotables.


Session 2: Why Winning in Mobile is About Behaviour, Not Technology

With: Matt Lawson (Dir. Marketing, Google Performance Ads), Laura Adams (Human Insights Lead, Google), Casey Carey (Head of Marketing, Adometry Google), Rachel Pasqua (Mobile Practice Lead, MEC Global), Serena Potter (Group Marketing VP, Macy’s), Douglas Rushkoff (Media theorist and author)

  • The concept of micro moments is the new battleground for customers.
  • To not interrupt the customer flow, one must consider marketers as advertisers. “It’s not ‘digital’ anymore. It’s just marketing,” says Casey Carey.
  • 50-80% of us are using a second screen while watching TV (this is a fact for me: I am constantly IMDB’ing actors that I vaguely recognize from B movies).
  • Serena Potter shared the Macy’s take on show rooming – that the customer wants Macy’s to put it all together for them. Not just product info for a desktop customer, but presenting at other points of the purchase cycle (like reviews on mobile for consumption in-store).
  • The 3 key take aways: 1. Identify the moment, 2. Understand the need, in context, 3. Deliver a great experience
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