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It’s been a long time overdue…but it’s finally time.


To be honest, the Awake but Dreaming journey began four years ago when I started putting down my story on a mattress on the floor in San Francisco. Amped on Blue Bottled coffee and Miette peanut butter cookies, I was fresh off the inspiration of a wonderful experience in Northern Cali. It’s amazing how people and situations can suddenly spark that inspiration – and I am forever grateful to the Fantastic Four for getting me out of my shell.


It took almost two years to write my original 175,000 word manuscript – and I was beyond lost with what to do with it. After taking it around to different literary agents, and not finding the right mix of what I was looking for, I decided to blindly look into self-publishing.


Looking back, I’m really quite surprised I dove into publishing my own book with such gumption. If I had known better (i.e. what I know now), and really understood the implications and burdens…maybe I wouldn’t have been so plucky. Maybe this fiery little book wouldn’t be here today.


When I tell people my story, they sometimes call me “brave,” because I put all I had into my work – money, tears, time. And to be totally honest, I didn’t think. I just did.


So today as I get ready to finally celebrate with some of my closest friends and supporters – I sincerely extend the wish that you may experience that feeling of just doing. Of creating and doing something that feels so natural to you, with the purest of love and excitement behind every motion.

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