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Sheryl Sandberg talks threesomes and salads, and spurs discussion about altruistic business models, the state of female imagery, and marketing to women.


One of my favourite things in the world is to attend seminars and events and take copious amounts of notes. Often colour coded, these notes are likely housed in one of the dozens upon dozens of notebooks that lay strewn about my space (or in my Evernote with my delightful Penultimate app).
I was very fortunate to be able to attend Advertising Week (AWXI) in New York this past fall. As the leaves changed colour in Bryant Park, so did the flurry of notes from each session I attended. Here is are some of my favourite nuggets of knowledge and quotables.


Session 1: Rethinking Marketing to Women
With: Sheryl Sandberg (COO, Facebook), Joanna Coles (EIC, Cosmopolitan), Jonathan Klein (CEO & Co-Founder, Getty Images), Andrew Robertson (Pres & CEO, BBDO Worldwide)

• Less than 3% of creative directors in agency are women
• “You have to have something to fight against,” says Andrew Robertson on what makes a movement
The Lean In Collection on Getty shows that you don’t have to compromise the bottom line – the altruism of the collection drove brand favourability (a.k.a. $).
• “Everybody wants to present their best self,” says Joanna Coles of the filters and selfie-obsession.
• Sheryl Sandberg takes great offence to the stock photos of women eating salad alone, or having screaming children grabbing at business mom’s ankles. “Raise your hands if you eat salad alone, or raise your hand if you have threesomes,” she called out to the audience.
• On the theme of sexual acts, Andrew Robertson also spoke of how sucky ads may appear to work – but are not indicative of the right way to do things. “It works. So does masturbation – but there are better ways,” he announced.

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