Heineken Worlds Apart Commercial – Saved by the Beer

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I just came across this brilliant little advert and predictably fell in love with it. Touted as the anti-Pepsi ad, it focuses in on some average Brits in post-Brexit reality. Set to look like an experiment, Heineken secretly brings together two strangers who have naturally been pre-screened as being drastic opposites in their political or social views. They then enter a stylish yet homey warehouse (like the as-is section in Ikea) and must perform a series of simple tasks interdependently (like building Ikea-type furniture).

Along the way, they banter and chat while you nervously anticipate an imminent confrontation. In the age of 24/7 news tickers and soundbites, there’s going to be a confrontation, right?!

Sure enough, they’ve built a bar and discover a cooler of Heinekens. But then the short films begin. Like a Hunger Games prop reel, showing ocular proof of their partner’s disdain or hate for what they stand for (it’s not exactly terrible hate speech but more like polarizing one-liners – this is a major brand’s commercial after all and there are legal departments to clear). Well, one would hope, right, Pepsi?

So, will they sit together and have a beer – or will someone storm off and leave the feminist/climate change activist/transgender lady alone with their Heineken?

What I loved about this entire commercial was not only that you had a warm and fuzzy resolution at the end that accepted (or tolerated) different opinions, but that you saw the potential confrontation brewing from the very beginning. The way the story was sequenced teed up what you’d hope would be a delightful moment of hope where people with different opinions might just be able to talk it out over a beer. Listening to (let alone engaging in) discussion about drastically different views is something we should accept and understand more. We run up against it more and more each day. So even if you don’t directly relate to any of the characters in this commercial, you’re given equal footing as every other viewer to anticipate the potential conflict of each pair as they’re building their Skogsta bar stools. What would you do if your counterpart turned out to think that you’re a [insert expletive here]?

So, whether you’re red or blue, Trump or Trudeau, keep this commercial in mind at the next dinner party or wedding you attend.

May the odds be ever in your favour.


Watch the full commercial:

Worlds Apart/#OpenYourWorld

By: Publicis London (for Heineken)


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