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Have you ever experienced a slump?

You know, one of those slumps where the days blur together and you feel like you’re in a tornado of unproductive?

Maybe you’re overwhelmed with work, or in a creative block. You catch yourself staring out the window, holding your ideas close to your heart but not actually doing anything. If only something would just happen!


Do the Work is a manifesto that attacks the primary root of this slump: resistance. It isn’t laziness, per se. Nor is it a lack of intelligence or ambition. Resistance is simply the inaction that can lead into nothingness. For me, resistance is rooted in “overwhelmed” – when I have so much ahead of me that I don’t even know where to begin.


(So naturally, I drink several cups of coffee and paint my nails in the meanwhile).


All kidding aside, resistance is something we all do to ourselves, which poses a serious threat if left unidentified. I remember when I was debating what to do with my manuscript – whether to keep trying literary agents or to find some other alternative (aka. self-publishing). There was a phase of inactivity where I doubted whether I could send one more query letter…make one more motion to try another path. When doubt riddles your every thought, and fear creeps into your dreams – will you stand or fall?


Almost every accomplishment or opportunity in my life seems to have come with genuine moments where I’ve had to mentally fight (several rounds) of defeating surges. Writing my MBA entrance exam. Finding a dream job. Switching book publishers (and incurring dual expenses). Even fighting my admission into journalism school after my application was lost. All these challenges have been great examples of pushing through moments of resistance where one can all too easily give up.


So do me a favour and grab a copy to keep it near your workspace (or on your eReader). When you have any moments of resistance coming from the darkest parts of yourself…you can be reminded ever so concretely that there’s no other method to accomplish what you need than just doing the work.


Lists. Vision boards. Calendar management. This book will get you back on track to help you do this very simple objective with a re-framed attitude.

Pick up a copy of Do The Work for your bedside table.
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