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11-1-11 is such a beautiful, symmetrical date. I was thrilled to celebrate  Awake but Dreaming with some amazing people in an amazing space…with amazing food…for my book launch party.


Here’s a snap shot of what went on behind the scenes.

4 am: Wake up. Why am I awake? I fell asleep two hours ago…this should be illegal it’s so cruel.

4:30 am: Well, not much more to do. I’ve showered and prepped. I guess I’ll just re-pack my supplies for the day.

5:30 am: Leave the house.

6 am: Get on-campus at Rotman, and realize that I’m an hour early for my class. Clearly confused this morning. Start to mash together my soundtrack for the party. Liking Naked and Famous… So appropriate on so many levels.

7 am: Write my accounting test. Feel foggy in the brain.

Bobette & Belle – the place where dreams come true.

9:05 am: Walk out of class, and get mocked by a group of construction workers. They heckle my Pittsburgh Penguins Malkin t-shirt. So I spin around and yell back at them: “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you scored +100 points playing pro? Really? My mistake.”

The construction workers are absolutely dumb-founded and I continue on my way.

10 am: Arrive at Bobette & Belle to pick out goodies for my event. The cupcakes are literally coming out of the oven and it’s painfully delicious-smelling. They serve Balzac’s coffee here – which has made my morning. Balzac’s is in my book. Yes, it’s that good.

Watch out, dentist! I’m your worst nightmare.

11:30 am: Make it on-site to the Shangri-La and start unloading supplies. My very French, very artistic friend Brigitte and I make approximately 34 trips up and down the elevator. We set up the candy bar I’ve been dreaming of…which consists of 2 full laundry baskets worth of sugar. Love, love it.


1:30 pm: Collapse into the chair at Greg May Hair Architects to get a PM shine and blow out. For the first time – EVER – I fall asleep in the chair. Sonn the stylist pokes me awake and I force-feed myself Sushi Inn. My hair looks fabulous…but my face looks like a supporting case member from a zombie flick. Not cute.

3 pm: Grab more supplies with my sister – cucumbers for our signature Hendrick’s Gin drink (named the Rock Star after my character, Jenna Ramsay). Set up never seems to stop.

So cute.

3:30 pm: Arrive back on-site at the Shangri-La and find my amazing pal Melissa styling my sweet table. She’s such a prostar. When I get married, she will be my guru. When seems really far off these days…there’s no time for boys when books need to be written (or studied from!). My friend tried to set me up with someone last week and I realized I had an estimated booking date of 3.5 weeks – worse than a doctor!


4:30 pm: Change into my super adorable TopShop dress. Over the weekend, I got styled by their amazing doll, Lindsay. It’s so hard to know what works on you, so having a trained second opinion was clutch. So patient, and so knowledgeable. I’ve come to accept that my white v-neck, jeans, and TOMs look isn’t appropriate for every occasion…so their Personal Shopping division worked wonders on making me feel comfortable for my event. Book an appointment today:

I love Apple products. Obviously.

5 pm: Sit in the make up chair with Boxx Cosmetic’s fabulous Sandra Milligan. I’ve always been intimidated by make up, and tend to stick to basics – but she does such a fabulous job that Zombie Girl morphs into Glam Girl. Throw on my Mackage leather jacket to complete the look.


5:45 pm: One of my favourite lovees drops by and helps to revive my waning energy. We finish loading my iPod mix – carefully chosen by me with oodles of love. The Pierces, David Vangel, Peter Bjorn, Ida Maria, UNKLE, Foster the People…the vibe’s gotta be right.


6 pm: Friends and lovers start to appear. I’m so excited to introduce everyone to the world of Elle, Jenna & Riley. The display of clothes from Mackage and Line is a hit – people seem to really understand the looks of my characters. Everyone’s digging the jewelry and make up touch-ups, too. Those macarons look delectable…


A preview of Mackage pieces.

7:15 pm: Meet the designer of one of my favourite labels, Line. Get voted the best book party. Drink 2 glasses of Inca Kola. Talk to so many people I don’t even remember names. Hand cramping from signing books. Everyone loves the piano player.


7:30 pm: Get tapped on the elbow by my darling lovee Ambur Braid. It looks like she wants to tell me a secret.


The latest from Line.

7:31 pm: Nope. She wants to sing to me instead. Impromptu serenade makes me weak in the knees. Or it’s the exhaustion. Maybe a combo. Her voice always makes me soul quiver. Hopefully my words do that to people one day soon.


8 pm: The end is near. As friends and supporters start to trickle out, I’m amazed to see how many people have come through to check out the space. People say the like the book pages I’ve enlarged to show off the links to my novel. I like that they took the time to actually examine them! The sweet treats have been ravaged, but there’s still sooooo much left over. I will consume these all in approximately 5.5 days.




Scooping the candy bar.

Yumm. Santa would be stoked.

Recreating the “Awake but Dreaming” cover in-person.

COC Soprano Ambur Braid gives me an unexpected serenade. The shakes.



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