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I kicked off my first run at AdWeek with a pretty major panel session. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg moderated “Rethinking Marketing to Women” with Jonathan Klein (CEO of Getty Images), Joanna Coles (EIC of Cosmo), and Andrew Robertson (CEO of BBDO Worldwide). I have taken a plethora of notes from my first day of sessions, but just wanted to share this first tidbit while my brain settles down.


Does achieving business results by leveraging altruism make a company better/neutral/worse for driving the bottom line?


Shortly, I’ll post my notes about the discussion from this panel and all the AWXI sessions I attend, including the partnership of Lean In and Getty Images to shoot and curate a gender-stereotype bending photo collection that has been incredibly profitable. Fancy that!


I was even lucky enough to pose a question to Sandberg and Coles about women chirping at other women (although, Sandberg addressed that the hating sees no gender boundaries). Proof enough when I happened to find a secret discussion board about an article I wrote where a group of misogynists chewed me out and told me to get back in the kitchen and be a housewife. Or when women commented that I was an insult to feminists for wearing mascara (or contrary, for not being enough of a feminist).


This type of anonymous “courage” never ceases to bring a smile to my face.


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