Roots Be Nice Campaign – Strong & Sweet

Being Canadian and being nice are one and the same. My American colleagues always make fun of me for waving people through in traffic or occasionally pronouncing words “funny.” But these are the [...]

Cheerios Bring Back the Bees – A Public Education

While there is a general branding rule of never messing with your logo, the Cheerios campaign to #BringBacktheBees is a perfect example of an exception to that rule. Earlier this year, the [...]

Heineken Worlds Apart Commercial – Saved by the Beer

I just came across this brilliant little advert and predictably fell in love with it. Touted as the anti-Pepsi ad, it focuses in on some average Brits in post-Brexit reality. Set to look like an [...]

April the Giraffe – Social Media Star

If you haven’t heard of April the giraffe, then you’re living under a rock. For the better part of April (the month), YouTube eyes were on April (the giraffe) as the world waited for the birth of [...]

Wendy’s Social Media – from Sweetheart to Screw-up

To say that your company should be on social media is the ultimate understatement. Social media is a fast, grassroots way to connect with your customer (or potential customer). Whether it’s [...]

This is Not Creative – Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Protest Commercial

Poppin’ the top of a soda can got a whole lot more heated yesterday with Pepsi pulling the new, exceptionally hated ad featuring Kendall Jenner and Skip Marley. (Reminder: it’s not just her in [...]