Heineken Worlds Apart Commercial – Saved by the Beer

I just came across this brilliant little advert and predictably fell in love with it. Touted as the anti-Pepsi ad, it focuses in on some average Brits in post-Brexit reality. Set to look like an [...]

April the Giraffe – Social Media Star

If you haven’t heard of April the giraffe, then you’re living under a rock. For the better part of April (the month), YouTube eyes were on April (the giraffe) as the world waited for the birth of [...]

Wendy’s Social Media – from Sweetheart to Screw-up

To say that your company should be on social media is the ultimate understatement. Social media is a fast, grassroots way to connect with your customer (or potential customer). Whether it’s [...]

This is Not Creative – Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Protest Commercial

Poppin’ the top of a soda can got a whole lot more heated yesterday with Pepsi pulling the new, exceptionally hated ad featuring Kendall Jenner and Skip Marley. (Reminder: it’s not just her in [...]